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The NUEPA Portal for Educational practitioners in planning and development is an online resource on Planning for Educational Development provided by the National University of Educational Planning and Administration ( NUEPA), New Delhi, India. The portal serves as an all encompassing information hub on matters related to educational development planning in general and interactive platform for NUEPA activities in particular. Through this portal we open our horizons to a larger cross section of people interested in educational development.

Educational Planning has come a long way since its emergence as a new discipline in the 1960s. With the increasing consciousness and acceptance about the close link between education, employment and economic development particularly after the genesis of ‘Human capital theory’ by Shultz and evolution of the concept of ‘Human development’ many new dimensions have been added to education. Planning to achieve the multifarious goals of quality education has, thus, become centre stage in all development models. This has necessitated the need to integrate educational development planning in the overall economic planning process. Education can no longer be viewed in isolation. Education sector in every country has to be planned not only to provide increased accessibility to the growing population but also cater to the changing needs of the society, industry and global world. Intricate and well structured planning is imperative to make the education sector more dynamic and responsive to the highly volatile domestic and external environment today. Both efficiency and efficacy are a function of multi level planning starting from institutional to local to national and even global. Also planning has many facets to it, the broad corner stones being Finance, Administration, Management and Governance. It is for this very reason that educational planning is becoming more and more a technical exercise based on large scale projections, simulations and other sophisticated quantitative tools. Planning for an inclusive education system, reaching out to all sections, segments and regions, poses one of the biggest challenges to every country and more particularly to developing countries



This section provides department wise details of the current year training programmes alongwith downloadable training material and a reference list of related learning resources.

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The faculty in NUEPA is constantly engaged in conducting serious research aiming at quality enhancement in the field of education.

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Multimedia Resources

This section provides access to e-contents/digital resources on educational planning, like, theoretical frameworks, models, techniques.

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