• Is it essential to register to be able to use the Portal?

    Yes it is essential for users to register to access the portal, as only registered users have access to the available resources in the portal and the permission to be able to interact, comment and share information through the eForum section. Those who do not register will only get an external view of the available information about the resources.

  • How do I register to this Web Portal?

    To register one has to go to the Registration section on the header of the home page. The user has to read and accept the terms and conditions before filling up the required details on the form. It is required that the user give authentic information while filling up the requisite details. Once the form is filled the user will receive an email to acknowledge the registration. The registration will be confirmed by the web administrator after verifying the given information by the user. The whole process shall require a maximum of two days from the receipt of the registration application.


  • Is it essential to provide information for registration purpose?

    Yes it is essential to provide authentic information for registration purpose. This is done so that there is accurate use of the resources and other information provided on the Portal. Filling in the registration form on the Portal does not necessarily mean that the registration has been confirmed. The web administrator will check the information provided by the user and then only accept his registration to the NUEPA Portal. Please note that if any user provides false information, his membership will be canceled.


  • How do I retrieve or acquire a new password?

    As a part of the registration process the user has to generate a personal password in accordance to the password policy provided in the registration form. Once the registration is confirmed the user will be again sent a mail with the user name and password. If the user forgets his/her password, then he/she will have to click on the link “forgot password” and “send”. The web administrator will generate a new password and mail it to the user. 

  • How do I download any of the resources from the portal?

    The Portal contains resources in different formats, these resources can be downloaded easily from the Download section on the header or through the listed heads of Courses, Research and Multimedia Resources under the Web Resources header. Only a registered user can download the available resources. The user must remember to login before he/she wants to download any of the resources or else the Portal will redirect the user to the login section automatically.

  • How do I get in touch with the concerned author/coordinator of the study/paper/programme?

    All the listed resources and programmes on the Portal have the names of the respective authors, directors or coordinators. If the user clicks on the concerned name of the author he/she will get a brief profile of the author with a link to the authors email id, which can be used to contact them.

  • Can registered users participate/ attend the NUEPA programs?

    No a registered user cannot participate/attend the progammes that NUEPA conducts, as these are meant for a selected target group, mainly from the Government Education Departments. Also there is a formal procedure to select/nominate the participants which is done much is advance of the progamme. However interested persons can get in touch with the programme coordinator of the course to seek information of the process of selection/nomination for a said course.

  • How do I interact with other members of the portal?

    The eForum section under the Web Resources header contains three sub-sections of Debate, Discussions and Online Courses.  The Online Courses section at the moment does not have any further link as it is being developed, but under the two sections of Debates and Discussions the users can initiate/ join/respond to any debate or discussion as a process to interact with other users through this medium. Please note that the debate or discussion that users initiate will not be in real time, as they will be moderated by the web editor. 

  • How can I participate in the debates and discussions under eForum?

    Only registered users can initiate a debate or a discussion in the eForum section. The User has to click on the ‘new topic’ tab under the debates or discussions section and provide the title and description for the same. The information provided will be checked/ moderated by the web editor to avoid any disagreement before publishing it on the Portal. Please note that the initiated debate or discussion will not be published in real time as the web editor will go through the content before publishing it.  

  • Can I upload some of my personal work on the portal?

    Yes you can upload some of your personal work on the Portal. You will have to mail the content to the Portal editor, which will be further scrutinized by experts and then uploaded on the Portal. If the material is a published document the author must also provide the required legitimate permission for uploading it on the NUEPA Portal.

  • When will the NUEPA online courses start?

    The NUEPA online courses are in the process of development, therefore it will be launched in the second phase of the Portal.