About the web portal


Welcome to the NUEPA Web Portal for Educational Planners :

the port of call for anyone wanting to know more about educational planning in general and in India in particular. Our aim is to provide a one-stop window to questions related with policies and practices of educational planning in India, NUEPA’s contribution in capacity building and research in educational planning, policy, administration, management, finance and other related areas, cutting across all levels of education right from elementary to secondary to higher education.

Our interactive port is open to anyone involved with education --- ranging from general public to planning professionals, practitioners, government officials, academicians, researchers .

We aim to create a thematic ‘NUEPA Web-Portal for Educational Planners’ as a user-centric world wide web forum not only to act as a repository of educational planning related information, tools and applications but also to serve as a window of the National University to promote dialogue on educational planning models, methods, tools, techniques, issues of implementation and best practices.

To highlight our basic objectives :

  • To provide an insight into educational planning practices in India.
  • To provide training and consultancy for capacity building in educational planning and policy formulation, administration and management.
  • To provide generic and specific resource base by way of links to prominent educational databank in India.
  • To generate debates and discussions, assimilate ideas and opinions so as to foster creation of sustainable enabling environment for using the existing capacity in planning and development of quality education.
  • To provide an interactive platform on various facets of educational development.

The portal is a two way interactive web and contains sections on our online and offline trainings/workshops/seminar/conferences , our research and development activities, other edu resources  in NUEPA, a special section on lectures delivered by eminent scholars at various occasions in NUEPA, Forum for discussion ( user has freedom to create a new forum and to edit an existing forum, download facility for all material, a virtual classroom through our webcast, a photo gallery to familiarize you with our organization in a colourful mode and a section on latest update of activities, news, events on educational planning. We also welcome feedback on all matters related with the edu planners portal.