EFA and the Quality Debate: Perspective from India’s

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Area : EFA and the Quality Debate: Perspective from India’s
Author Name : Prof. Krishna Kumar
Description : Using the term ‘quality’ in the context of education evokes a natural reluctance, yet the temptation to distinguish two institutions, even systems, in terms of the quality of what they offer, is equally strong. Neither the reluctance nor the temptation is particularly difficult to explain. The reluctance one feels when speaking of quality in education has to do with the fear that we might trivialise the concept of education or injure its core if we subject it to the kinds of checks that are applied to judge quality in material objects like cars or in services like the ones provided by the tourism industry. We hesitate to let education be judged by so-called quality standards because we associate education per se with a certain quality or character. Can education devoid of quality be called education at all, we rightly ask, and by asking such a question, realise that there is a characteristic experience involved in an educative process which is essential and therefore non-negotiable.
Published Date : Dec 07, 2007

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