Globalization and Administrative Reforms in School Education in India

Department : Department of Educational Administration
Category : NUEPA Funded Research Study
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Area : Globalization and Administrative Reforms in School Education in India
Author Name : R.S. Tyagi
Description : Globalization has really left imprints on localization and decentralized management of elementary education where planning and decision-making at local level has become imperatives and an impetus for school management. What we could gain from the development programmes will be irreversible processes. It includes demand for school education which is generated at habitation level on the basis of micro-planning and school-mapping and household survey. The preparation of habitation, cluster, block and district level elementary education plans has become a regular exercise. at We now have sufficient funds not only for teachers? salaries but for infrastructure development of school as we receive sufficient funds from international agencies and these funds are directly transferred by the central government to State SSA Societies so that there are no hurdles in utilization of funds. While much emphasis is given on capacity building of teachers and education officers, the development programmes have been implemented in the mission mode approach in place of project-based strategies.
Published Date : Feb 17, 2011

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