Study of Small Primary Schools in India Analysis of School Report Cards of selected districts in four states

Department : Department of Educational Planning
Category : NUEPA Funded Research Study
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Area : NUEPA
Author Name : S.M.I.A. Zaidi
Description : The study aims at analyzing the status of small primary schools by taking into account the data and information provided in the school report cards as available in DISE. It also aims at studying selected sample of small primary schools by collecting primary data from these schools in the field. The study will mostly use the secondary data available in DISE reports and focus on analysis of report cards of all the small primary schools of selected districts for the latest year. However, in addition to the secondary data, it is proposed to collect data from the field also and that will be done by undertaking survey of a sample of small schools in the selected districts.
Published Date : Jul 31, 2012

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