Role of School Heads

Department : Department of Training and Capacity Building in Education
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Area : Role of School Heads
Author Name : B.K Panda
Description : Who is a school Head 2. Position of a School Head in the School 3. Why the School needs a Head 4. What are the roles of the School Head 5. How to perform the various Roles of a School 6. How to prioritise activities of the school 7. Role of the School Head in School Development Planning 8. Role of the School Head in SMC 9. Role of the school Head with other agencies 10. Norms and Standards for a School 11. Knowledge of Right to Education Act and the role of teachers 12. Awarenss in managing multifarious activities of the school 13. Shematic diagram depicting roles & responsibilities of School Head 14. What the school head is expected to conduct in a school? 15. Introspection/Review
Published Date : Nov 19, 2013

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