Inclusion and Exclusion Of Students In The School And In The Classroom In Primary And Upper Primary Schools

Department : NUEPA
Category : Commission Study
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Area : Inclusion and exclusion of students in the school and in the classroom in primary and upper primary schools
Author Name : vimla Ramachandran
Description : Sarva Shiksha Abhiyan, a flagship Government of India programme was launched in 2001 and it followed the District Primary Education Programme (1994-2001). Both these ambitious elementary education renewal efforts of the government sought to work towards universal elementary education (see Box 1). Close to the heels of SSA, the government enacted the Right to Education, which was notified and came into being in 2009. Both these signalled the determination of the government to make universal elementary education a right that every single child could realise.
Published Date : Jun 01, 2012

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