Skills for Employability: South Asia

Department : NUEPA
Category : Commissioned research study by Results for development Institute, Washington, DC
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Area : Secondary education
Author Name : Aarti Srivastava
Mona Khare
Description : The skill for employability in South Asia essentially focuses on employers perspectives on skill requirement from school leavers. The South Asian countries have diverse people living together on the basic principles of engagement, absorption and accommodation. The study attempts to explore the current status of skills among the school leavers (18 year olds), assesses the skill gaps and identify the emerging demand for skill sets in South Asia, focusing on India, Pakistan and Bangladesh. The study will help enable the industry to spell out the skill need requirements so that the gap between education and labour market can be bridged by bringing the stakeholders together via Focus group discussion and personal interviews. The respondents would be a mixed group of representatives from MNCs, small industries & local enterprises, women entrepreneurs, government organization like railways, LIC, Defense etc, along with media and NGOs
Published Date : Aug 08, 2012

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