Why Are Interviews Unfair For Admission At Nursery Stage

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Area : Why Are Interviews Unfair For Admission At Nursery Stage
Author Name : Neelam Sood
Description : To admit young children in nursery from the age of three or four, private schools generally conduct interviews of children a few months before the ensuing session. Children are thus subjected to a ‘test’ and /or an interview at an age when they are around three years or so. Any testing at that young age is not only unfair to the child and his parents; it is also derogatory to child’s self-esteem from the perspective of child development principles. Often in cities, the number of children seeking admission is much larger than the number of seats available in a private school, especially those in the category of ‘elite’ schools. School administrators thus resort to some sort of measures apparently to ‘test’ the child’s merit to eliminate the numbers. While this may be one of the means for schools to solve a practical problem given the imbalance in demand and supply, it is not technically feasible to ‘select’ children based on their merit at this stage. During early childhood, children are still in the process of developing and learning; they have not yet attained either the cognitive competence or the emotional control to face the kind of ‘tests’ that they are required to. An understanding of how preschoolers think and feel will indicate why these tests are inappropriate at this stage of their development.
Published Date : Jul 17, 2006

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