Cherry-picking and the Issue of Nursery School Admissions

Department : Department of School Non-Formal Education
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Area : Cherry-picking and the Issue of Nursery School Admissions
Author Name : Neelam Sood
Description : That social organizations mirror social systems is a widely accepted thesis. Our educational system therefore is also a reflection of the economic and social inequality that exists in our society. A small number of educational institutions catering to the privileged few are found to co-exist among a large number of institutions that are meant to serve the less-privileged. Driven by their aspirations, middle class parents tend to seek these select institutions with the hope of finding the ‘best’ education for their children. The select institutions sought by a large number of aspirants thus ‘cherry pick’ children under the guise of screening ‘merit’ at tender age of 3 or 4 years. Young children are given tests and are often interviewed.
Published Date : Jun 11, 2007

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