A Study on Social Dimensions of Demand for Pre-Primary Education in Rajasthan and Haryana

Department : Department of School Non-Formal Education
Category : NUEPA Funded Research Study
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Area : A Study on Social Dimensions of Demand for Pre-Primary Education in Rajasthan and Haryana
Author Name : Modhumita Bandyopadhyay
Description : This research study has been undertaken to study the supply initiatives towards delivering smooth functioning of pre- school education and whether they are in tune with the demand. This includes study of physical and academic facilities provided by pre-schools run by different management systems, the socio- economic background of children availing the pre-school education, the transition status of children from pre school to primary school; the opinion of parents about preschool education and the functioning of schools and centres available for pre school education in nearby areas. The study is based on primary and secondary data. Primary data have already been collected from 84 schools and 72 Anganwaris covering 3280 pre-school students. The data have also been collected through interview with 84 school heads, 67 pre-primary teachers, 72 Anganwari workers and Sahaikas, 1132 sampled parents. School roster data have been collected for around 3500 (approx) children who are enrolled in class 1 and class 2 for assessing the transition situation from pre-school to primary school. From school and Anganwari survey, it was found that Haryana is comparatively in better situation than Rajasthan in terms of access to pre-school education. While in Haryana, all government schools were found with at least one nursery grade, in Rajasthan only AWWs are providing pre-school education. It was also found that all private sample schools in both states are equipped with the facilities for providing pre-school education. However quality of the service is far from satisfactory in government schools and Anganwaris. Since the work is in progress, the details can be provided only after data analysis. The data are presently being entered in the SPSS data formats though the data entry is almost over. The report is under preparation
Published Date : Feb 13, 2015

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