Study of Third All India Survey of Educational Administration

Department : Department of Educational Administration
Category : NUEPA Funded Research Study
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R.S. Tyagi, Manju Narula

Area : Preliminary Study of Educational Administration in Kerala and Bihar
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Description : As a prelude to the Third All India Educational Administration Survey the Department proposed to conduct a preliminary study on “Educational Administration and Governance” with a view of mapping out the changes brought about during the last two decades and emerging dimensions of educational administration and governance in two sample states. i.e. Kerala and Bihar. The outcome of the study is intended to provide input for finalizing design, methodology and tools for the 3rd Educational Administration Survey, and to identify thematic research studies on educational administration and governance. Data collection in both the states is complete. Reports on both the states of Kerala and Bihar are being prepared by- Dr. R.S. Tyagi and Dr. Manju Narula respectively.

Synopsis & Paper