Leading A Multigrade School

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Area : Leading A Multigrade School A Practical Guide for the Head Teachers
Author Name : Rashmi Diwan
Mona Sedwal
Description : You are heading a school with 11pupils spread across five grades.Coming from poor families,they are somewhat regular to school and you are aware that they are more interested in midday meal served in the school. There are days in your school when only 2-3 children are present. You try your level best to keep up the spirits of each child high, innovate teaching activities to keep them occupied and make every attempt to maintain their interest in studies. Your teaching strategies include rote learning which becomes more visible with chorus singing and drilling exercises of the portions of a lesson taught and its memorization. You are so much involved in handling problems in organizing them , managing and dividing time between activities class-wise that you hardly find time to review the previous lessons, checking home work that is occasionally given especially when textbooks are available while some of them do not possess notebooks. You realise you need a specialized training to handle such a special class of pupils , to chalk out activities for them that helps learning and feasible strategies to manage such multigrade classsroom situations.
Published Date : Mar 11, 2014

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