Report of the Expert Group on Unified System of School Education Statistics

Department : Department of Educational Management Information Sysytem
Category : NUEPA Funded Research Study
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Area : Expert Group on Unified System of School Education
Author Name : Anugula N. Reddy
Description : Identifying the proper maintenance of data at school level i.e. proper maintenance of school records is critical to fast paced collection and improving reliability of data on school education, the Expert Group recommends that all States should revamp the system of maintenance of school records. It developed a set of core school records and recommends that these be adopted and maintained by all schools across the country. It further recommends that printed formats of records/registers be supplied to all schools. A single DCF should be adopted to collect data from all schools. The Expert Group has prepared a DCF (named as U-DCF) that can cater to the requirements of elementary and secondary education.
Published Date : Oct 03, 2013

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