Secondary Education in India:Development Policies, Programmes and Challenges

Department : Department of Educational Planning
Category : NUEPA Funded Research Study
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Area : Secondary Education in India:Development Policies, Programmes and Challenges
Author Name : Dr. K K Biswal
Description : This paper provides an overview of secondary education in India with focus on the development trajectory currently pursued in the sub-sector reviewing the current status, development policies, approaches and reform programmes. While discussing the tremendous progress made in enhancing secondary schooling opportunities in India during the past six decades, the paper highlights the increasing regional, gender and social disparities in secondary education. It is argued that there is a large deficit in policy planning for secondary education development, which not only goes against the principle of inclusive development and the service-led growth strategy but also affects India’s capacity to connect effectively to globalisation. The broad development approach pursued by the country needs a clearer framework for change with more focus on decentralisation and governance issues and quality improvement. The paper identifies key challenges relating to implementation of major reform programmes including Rashtriya Madhyamik Shiksha Abhiyan (RMSA).
Published Date : Apr 25, 2011

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