Innovative Models for Skills Enhancement: South Asia

Department : Department of Educational Planning
Category : Commissioned research study by Results for development Institute, Washington, DC
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Area : South Asia
Author Name : S.M.I.A. Zaidi
N.K. Mohanty
Description : Internationally, secondary education has become important in the context of changing global labor markets and changes in the requirements of and emphasis on higher education. A workforce with an appropriately designed secondary education is also increasingly being considered as integral to the economic development of a country. The forces that have highlighted secondary education internationally are becoming more and more pronounced in South Asia with the globalization of the economy and the advent of the age of information technology (IT). Innovations and technological changes require that the labour force be equipped with advanced skills. Independent of the requirements of the labour market, a good secondary education provides future adults with the skills to live and adapt in a rapidly changing society. In particular, it empowers individuals to be fully active citizens in a world where climate change, environment depredation, health hazards and technological innovation are transforming quickly everyday life. Last, but not least, secondary education prepares and selects the adolescents who are going to enter higher education and become our future leaders, managers and professionals.
Published Date : Aug 31, 2012

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